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Jess, Naomi & Art Refuge UK
Kathmandu, Nepal
18. Define the word “Refuge”

We took a group from the Nepal Children's Art Museum out to explore they city. We took a walk around the local area and thought about all the interesting places high, low, open & public or hidden, that we saw. We chose a space to claim as our own for an afternoon and made our very own refuge within it from all the found objects we had collected and some extras from our very simple portable studio.


We believe that if everyone does at least one of these simple actions, we could make a big change to the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

Simple Acts Animation

Simple Acts animation I've completed an action!

I've completed an action!

Brilliant! Let us know what you've done and see your contribution displayed on our Action Counter.

Simple Act of the Month

Simple Act of the Month

Each month we flag up something which lets you complete a Simple Act...

Simple Acts Toolkit

Simple Acts Toolkit

Get your school or organisation involved by checking out our toolkit. Full of handy tips and examples...

About the Simple Acts campaign

About Simple Acts

What's this all about then?

Latest news

Latest News

Catch up on all the goss, videos, pictures and competitons...

See all of the Simple Acts

See all of the Simple Acts

From stuffing yourself with tasty grub to having a kick about - one of these actions is for you.

About Refugee Week

About Refugee Week

Whose idea was this?

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Fancy a natter?

Refugee Week website

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Tell your MP

Museums act

Big and small thing

Cook a dish from another country

Tell a child a story from another country

Do a quiz on refugees

Say a little prayer for me

Read a book about exile

Watch a movie about refugees

Sign off your email with a note about refugees

Find five facts about refugees

Find out who you REALLY are

Visit a Refugee Week event

Smile web home

Learn to say a few things in a new language

Invite a refugee for tea

Join a big action campaign in support of refugees

Share a song

Share your sweets

Give a book about refugees as a present to someone

Define the word “Refuge”

Take a picture of you and your pro-refugee banner

Play football with a refugee

My Simple Act

Welcome to our website and thank you for choosing to do something simple to help refugees!

We hope you can find lots of ideas here for things to do this Refugee Week - 15th to 21st June 2015.

If you are in London or able to travel here on the World Refugee Day (20th June) we invite you to a Simple Acts day of fun we've curated in partnership with the V&A Childhood Museum and Young Roots. There will be performances, workshops and lots of ways to participate and add your voice. After all, the event is titled It's Your Story Too. We will shortly publish a full programme here so do keep your eyes peeled.

If you are attending an event organised for Refugee Week somewhere else in the UK please let us know via Visit a Refugee Week Event Simple Act and describe what you saw and did.

We would love to hear from you.

One of the themes we are promoting this year is around how Refugees Contribute. If you have a story that you want to tell, a fact you know about how a refugee you know or even a famous refugee contributed (and there are lots of examples!) please let us know. And include your personal stories about refugees who are your friends, family or neighbours contributing to your life.

If you are a school we will shortly be launching our new schools competition.

Always feel free to get in touch with us for a chat and more information. When you do an action don't forget to log your activity on our action counter!

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