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10. Visit a Refugee Week event

I attended a day of refugee focused events at the West Yorkshire Playhouse where I watched perfor,ances and storytelling sessions created by refugee and asylum seeking women. I also ran a workshop for audience members and participants around notions of belonging and home.


We believe that if everyone does at least one of these simple actions, we could make a big change to the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

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See all of the Simple Acts

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About Refugee Week

About Refugee Week

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Tell your MP

Museums act

Big and small thing

Cook a dish from another country

Tell a child a story from another country

Do a quiz on refugees

Say a little prayer for me

Read a book about exile

Watch a movie about refugees

Sign off your email with a note about refugees

Find five facts about refugees

Find out who you REALLY are

Visit a Refugee Week event

Smile web home

Learn to say a few things in a new language

Invite a refugee for tea

Join a big action campaign in support of refugees

Share a song

Share your sweets

Give a book about refugees as a present to someone

Define the word “Refuge”

Take a picture of you and your pro-refugee banner

Play football with a refugee

My Simple Act

The Paper Project, an Oval House and Counterpoints Arts commission

The river Nile runs beneath a South London tower block; a girl lives amongst the plates in a china cabinet; and a young man catches a scent of his family.

The award winning and internationally renowned artist Mark Storor and seven young migrant artists have created a beautiful and deeply moving piece of performance art. The project is dedicated to 155 000 undocumented children living in the UK who cannot fulfil their dreams of going to university or having a career and who live in fear of deportation. Together with Oval House and the participants we wanted to present a fascinating insight into the lives of undocumented youth and create a dialogue about a possible change in how they are perceived.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation's Social Justice programme commissioned a report in to the social and economic lives of young migrants. No right to dream is recommended reading for anyone who wants to learn and understand how the undocumented status affects lives of young migrants and impacts on their life choices.

A number of organisations are doing amazing work in this country and supporting the general aim of informing and changing attitudes towards undocumented migrants. Have a rummage through their websites below and find out more about their work and let us know if there is anything you can contribute. You could pick up one of our Simple Acts, carry it out in support of young undocumented people and register your action on our website. We don't think much of our general public is aware of this issue, and if they are it is more than likely that they see undocumented migrants as people who are criminals and shouldn't be here. This would be the attitude we want to challenge and change, so maybe start by telling your family and friends and ask them to find out more. When you do please don't forget to register your action here.

Before we move on to those helpful websites, we'd like to share the following projects:

Life Without Papers - a visual photography blog by the photographer and writer Len Grant, that tells the personal stories of undocumented migrant families and young people in the UK

Dream Activist - a multicultural, migrant youth-led, social media hub for the movement to pass the DREAM Act and pursue the enactment of other forms of legislation that aim to mend the 'broken' immigration system in the USA. They are a force to be reckoned with!

Eva Goes Foreign - an animation and a part of Female Prisoner's Welfare Project

Faisal's Story - Refugee Council film that tells a story of Faisal, who fled Afghanistan at the age of 15, and after arriving in the UK was held in a detention centre as an adult because the authorities did not believe he was a child. Launched in conjunction with RC report Not a minor offence.

No Way Out, No Way In - summary of the findings of the study on undocumented migrant children in the UK, conducted by a research team at COMPAS (University of Oxford) led by Dr Nando Sigona.

and now to that list of links...

Freedom From Torture

Doctors of the World Project: London

Medical Justice

Refugee Action

Refugee Council


Migrant and Refugees Community Forum

National Homeless Alliance

Housing, People and Communities


Youth Access

The Children's Society

Coram Children's Legal Centre

Asylum Aid

If you are a school, a library or a community organisation, or an individual who really wants to make a difference you can always get in touch with us for a chat and more information. When you do that don't forget to log your activity on our action counter!

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